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The effectiveness of theBreath® makes it suitable for outdoor use in cities and along major arteries as well.

The applications of this fabric can be used on buildings, street furniture, road signs, construction site fencing, advertising systems, building sites and near air conditioners and boiler flues.

the Breath

theBreath® arrives in Paris

Levi's® chooses theBreath® for responsible advertising in the heart of the French capital.

theBreath® technology was chosen by Levi's® for a great CSR operation. The Église de la Trinité, under renovation, was covered in November 2021 with a 350-square-meter canvas that used theBreath® fabric,  helping to purify the surrounding air.

The initiative was very successful, drawing attention to theBreath® of an increasingly international public, sensitive to environmental and health issues.

the Breath

Urban design for air purification

Born from the collaboration between Anemotech s.r.l. and The Italian Lab s.r.l., the benches capable of purifying the air.

Thanks to theBreath®, the URBAN SHELTER, CUBIC and CHARM BENCH benches, already unique in design and quality of materials, add an important anti-pollution function, to create a healthy space in which to sit and relax.

An important combination of technology and design, for the benefit of the environment and health.

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the Breath

Ventilated facades for air purification

From the synergy between Anemotech S.r.L. and Atena S.p.A. comes the ventilated facades for air purification 

Ventilated facades are architectural solutions, technologically advanced, able to combine the advantages of Atena ventilated facades with theBreath® technology.

theBreath®, together with perforated metal panels or expanded metal, absorbs and purifies the air without using additional energy sources.  All this is possible thanks to the natural flow of air that is amplified inside the panel. 

High performance systems for the upgrading of buildings that can also obtain state economic incentives.

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the Breath

The first maxi-billboard of theBreath in Belgium

A breath of fresh air in the heart of the capital.

This is what our maxi-poster says, which in September covers the restoration work on a corner building between Via Pontaccio and Via Madonnina, in the heart of Breara as well as Milan’s historic distric.

the Breath

theBreath purifies Brera

Brera is so breathtakingly beautiful.

theBreath® returns it to you

This is what our maxi-poster says, which in September covers the restoration work on a corner building between Via Pontaccio and Via Madonnina, in the heart of Breara as well as Milan’s historic distric.

the Breath

Seat München Lenbachplatz

theBreat is also in Germany!

For the new Seat campaign, Outsite Media GmbH decided to use theBreath for its installation in Lenbachplatz.

Thus helping to eliminate the pollution also in Germany!

the Breath

Even Warsaw breathes clean air with theBreath

I know what I breathe

In the center of Warsaw, Aviva decided to use theBreath technology for their billboards.

It is the first billboard in Poland that, in addition to cleaning the surrounding air, encourages participation in the action: "I know what I breathe".



the Breath

In Rome the air is purified in this way

"Bring your children to breathe. Down here.”

It is in Piazza della Cancelleria, in the heart of Rome, where , in the month of October 2018, there was theBreath panel printed with the maxi billboard (maxi in the true sense of the word: about 455 sqm): “Bring your children to breathe. Down here.”

This helped to purify the surrounding atmosphere by eliminating the pollutants that came into contact with the bill posting.

the Breath

The advertising that cleans the air also arrives in London

Breathe better a few steps away from a piece of city history

In London, in Leicester Square, around a historic building in the area, Urban Vision created one of the maxi billboards with theBreath technology, which eliminated the pollution present in the area surrounding the bill posting.

Now even in London the advertising cuts the smog!

the Breath


The advertising that cleans the air

Yamamay chooses to breathe with theBreath to launch the YAMAMAY FALL’18 autumn-winter campaign by creating two different maxi-billboards that stand out on the main facade of the Gallarate headquarters.

One with the beautiful Kate Upton and the other with the famous champion Cristiano Ronaldo.

The maxi billboards of 144 square meters each will bring clean air to the surrounding area, eliminating, over the course of a year, the polluting emissions of 18.792 diesel cars and 46.804 petrol cars.

the Breath

Arena Derthona

Sound has never been so pure

Arena Derthona this year has chosen theBreath to make all the people who participated in their wonderful musical event, breathe clean air.

An event that for almost ten years has brought the biggest names of Italian and international music to Tortona. A great festival in the heart of the nice hills of Tortona where you can listen to high-level shows while sipping a fine glass of wine, and why not doing so breathing clean air?

the Breath

Urban Vision

The first green advertising agency in Europe.

In accordance with its mission, always attentive to environmental issues, Urban Vision has chosen to adopt theBreath® in order to ensure the full sustainability of all its Out of Home realizations. Thanks to theBreath®technology, Urban Vision has become the point of reference for all companies intending to use advertising investments to improve the environment.