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Test and Acknowledgements

theBreath® has passed product performance tests to obtain important certifications:

ISO 16000-9

Test to determine the area specific emission rate of volatile organic compounds (VOC's) from newly produced building products or furnishing under in defined climate conditions.

UNI 11247

Test to determine the photocatalytic degradation rate of nitrogen oxides in the air by inorganic materials.


Method for measuring the performance of household air purifiers.


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Sette Green Awards


Thanks to theBreath®, the Marche Polytechnic University won the Sette Green Awards in 2016 in a competition organised by the Corriere della Sera newspaper, which rewards Italian excellence in the field of scientific research for the Environment.
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Green Economy Start-Up


Anemotech® is recognised as one of the top ten Italian sustainable development companies in the Green Economy Start-Up sector.
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The British!


theBreath® technology is presented in an article by Jack Dixon in which he discusses the pollution problems in London and explained the operation, effectiveness and benefits of theBreath® where it is used in Leicester Square.
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Across the pond


Years of research and development led to an important scientific publication in a leading US technology journal, the American Journal of Environmental Science, which attests to the important result achieved in reducing air pollution.