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theBreath® technology is designed to adapt to any indoor space, from the smallest room to big and very big volumes.

In both cases, the fabric allows the pollutants generated by heating systems and chemical products to be reduced, creating a healthier and safer habitat.

theBreath® can be applied in commercial and residential buildings as pictures, furniture and many other applications.

the Breath

A Breath in Design and Art

The A Breath in Design and Art project was born from the collaboration between Anemotech S.r.l. and Artdesignbox L.t.d. and promotes a new line of Interior Design Products functional to air purification.

This solution is made possible thanks to the union of the contemporary Italian artist production and theBreath® technology.

The initiative intends to contribute a new impulse to design market, proposing a line of products that combine the revolutionary technology theBreath® printed with exclusive artworks by contemporary Italian artists of international fame.

A link between aesthetic and technology, which aims to define an alliance in the fight against the domestic pollutant and atmospheric produced by cars, heating and industrial emissions through the Italian excellence recognized all over the world.

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the Breath

The Cassina Perspective at Night

Cassina's proposal for the sleeping area involves the use of innovative materials in the creation of the products, including theBreath®.

A research by Cassina LAB, a collaboration between the Cassina Research and Development Center and the of the Politecnico di Milano, has developed some projects capable of offering new functions for the protection of health and well-being.

Cassina's proposal for the sleeping area involves the use of innovative materials in the manufacture of products, including theBreath® which reduces pollutants in domestic environments.

the Breath


360° service, and now also clean air!

Founded in 1989, for the past 30 years it has been the leader in the Italian market for long-term rental and company fleet management. Thanks to an excellent quality of service and a powerful commercial structure, it puts the customer at the center taking care of every detail, even purifying the air of its offices in the Milan headquarters. In this way employees and visitors of the building will breathe clean air, thanks to thePure panels, positioned in various rooms of their offices.

the Breath

Primo Piano Fitness

Pure fitness with theBreath

When you are physically active, you breathe more often and absorb more air in your lungs than when you are inactive.

If the quality of the air is poor, it is possible to breathe more harmful pollutants.

Being able to breathe healthy and clean air during physical activity is important! That's why the Primo Piano Fitness gym in Verona has decided to rely on theBreath to maintain perfect conditions for the well-being of its users in the different areas of the gym, so that they can get the maximum benefit from physical activity.

the Breath

Mes Amis Restaurant

Here you can experience the art of good cooking and good breath

Cleansing the environment is not only important for smoking rooms. Air quality in a public space is a fundamental aspect. Wherever cooking appliances work, from professional kitchens to simple sandwich plates, particles of burnt material are dispersed into the environment and can be harmful to health. And there are also smells that can impregnate clothes and be unpleasant to customers.
How to solve the problem? The
Mes Amis restaurant in Milan has chosen theBreath fabric to purify the air and capture pollution, thanks to several thePure panels installed in different points of the restaurant. Furthermore, there was the addition of the sound absorbent that has obtained a double action both on acoustics and on pollution.

the Breath


The breathe of energy

For over 20 years in Italy, ENGIE has a look to the future.
Today a 360 ° integrated service, as a private individual, businesses and cities innovative solutions in the gas, electricity, energy efficiency and services sectors.

Engie Italia, No. 1 for energy services in the world, has chosen to include its Pure frameworks in its own workplaces, and then has chosen to become also a partner of Anemotech, offering thePure panels, the offer of its services.

the Breath

BNL Bank

BNL breathes clean air with us

BNL is a bank with over 100 years of history and since 2006 is part of the BNP Paribas Group.

Workplaces are often closed environments, and the quality of the air we breathe indoors has a direct impact on our health.

If we want our work performance not to decrease due to the lack of clean air in the office, we must intervene on the causes of pollution.

Banca BNL has chosen to include the totems made with theBreath fabric in the offices, thus purifying the air inside its work environments to give added value to the well-being of its employees who spend most of their days in these environments, and customers who have the privilege of being able to enter a clean, fresh and unpolluted environment.

the Breath

Benetti Moss is Italian design emotion

Healthy green is the solution

Benetti Moss becomes a partner of Anemotech to offer its customers clean air by integrating thePure panels in its projects.

A dynamic and professional team with over 20 years of experience in the realization of Benetti MOSS, their Vertical Garden, natural and without maintenance.

the Breath

The school of Piacenza «Vittorino da Feltre»

Free your mind, breathe clean air

School is a place where children spend most of their time.
The quality of the air in these environments depends not only on the pollution entering the classrooms, but also on substances released by furniture, paints and cleaning products. Furthermore, humidity, poor ventilation and heat also increase other allergens such as mites, molds, pollens and bacteria.
This can therefore cause health problems among children and negatively affect the performance of students' school work.

The "Vittorino da Feltre" school in Piacenza chooses theBreath® for the well-being and improvement of the quality of life of all the people who habitually attend the school for study or work, installing numerous thePure panels.

the Breath

Banca Generali

Now the air in Banca Generali offices is cleaner.

The group has in fact installed the innovative theBreath® panels on the walls of all its offices in Trieste and Milan. Not only corporate welfare,

but also internal communication: the panels, which are completely customisable, will in fact also serve to involve employees in CSR initiatives undertaken by the bank.