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Technology for everyone

theBreath® is the first zero impact fabric that doesn't need any power source to be activated

It is the result of experimentation and development work by the company Anemotech S.r.l.
Researchers developed the tissue after more than three years of study, and the result is surprising;


Technology for everyone

How it Works

theBreath® has passed product performance tests to obtain important certifications:
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Absorbing ActionIt attracts polluting molecules into its fibrous structure, preventing them from being released

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Cleaning ActionUsing THE BREATH in a circumscribed area, systematically reduces the bacterial load of the air in contact with the fibre.

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Anti-odour ActionThe system is not limited to masking or mitigating odours, it actually absorbs them, freeing the air of harmful emissions.


theBreath® has passed product performance tests to obtain important certifications

The air adsorbing technology of theBreath®, fabric guarantees respect for fundamental ethical principles,
leading to a series of positive effects for companies that choose to adopt it, as well as for their employees and associates,
and consequently for the whole industry in which they operate.

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